1. AXRIA Retro World v1.0

     AXRIA Retro World ~ Starring Sarah Kinzi

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    If you need instructions on how to save Moonlight City, check out the enclosed instruction book;

    Page 00

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    (Instructions uploaded: 02/01/2013)



    World 1: Evergreen Hill

    1-1 1-2 image 

    Here begins your quest, all new creatures are introduced as you travel to the 

    Tropical Dome.


    World 2: Crystal Glacier

    image image image

    Slip and slide through icy caves to the crystal palace, Be careful under the cold tides!


    Stage 3: Custurn Amazon

    image image image

    The hot amazon if full of poisonous Gratto’s, Keep an eye out for the pyramid and be the first in the world to solve the maze!


    Stage 4: Hidden Fortress

    image image image

    So you finally made it! From the Space station to the Hidden Fortress, it seems Dr. Scarfire could be behind any door! Good luck.



    A Platformer Adventure game in an original Game boy style. Black & white, 8-BIT.

    It also pays homage to Super Mario Land with its platforming and Mr Gimmick with its Star weapon.


    Technical Info

    System: Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7 ~ Untested on 95, 98, 2000 & ME) 
    Started: 26 Dec 2011 
    Release: 31 Mar 2012

    Please note: 
    Some virus protectors may assume this is a virus program, you can be rest assured this is completely safe.
    Besides, I’m here to be creative, not destructive.



    Design, Programming, concept: Angus Beer (James Leonardo)
    'Flywing' enemy design: Lewis Prior


    Phase Out (Trip World)
    Masayuki Iwata (Trip World)
    Tsutomu Ishida (Trip World)
    Atsushi Mihiro (Trip World)
    Manami Matsumae (Trip World)
    Shinichi Seya (Trip World)
    Makoto Tomozawa (Megaman: Dr Wilys revenge)
    Kouji Murata (Megaman III)
    Hirokazu Tanaka (Super Mario Land)
    Graeme Norgate (Donkey Kong Land)
    David Wise (Donkey Kong Land)
    Alberto Jose Gonzalez (Turok Battle of the dinosaurs)


    Creator’s comments

     ”I wanted to make a simple game that would be easy to program and finished in a short time period. Since the real AXRIA was going through development hell with it having constant slow-down with all the Memory space it was taking up.

    I figured the expirence of making this would help when restarting the project with all the programming shortcuts and appropriate sprite sizing.


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    (Instructions uploaded: 02/01/2013) 


    DOWNLOAD, for free!

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